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Do you love scavenger hunts? Imagine taking in the sights on your next vacation while going on a scavenger hunt. Sounds like fun, right?

See how Las Vegas was turned into a giant board game for an incredible scavenger hunt adventure for our family. Please know that our family has received free tickets in exchange for this review. However, our review is 100% our own. Receiving free tickets do not influence our review or experience of Urban Adventure Quest in Las Vegas.

Our Little Blended Family Urban Adventure Quest in Las Vegas!

My family and I participated in our first scavenger hunt using Urban Adventure Quest: Las Vegas. My husband and I had been to Las Vegas before so we were somewhat familiar with the resorts and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. We had no idea how much fun and attention to detail that the Urban Adventure Quest: Las Vegas scavenger hunt was going to be.

What my husband and I liked most about the scavenger hunt was that in order to get a clue to the next place to go we first had to solve a puzzle. It wasn’t just word clues that would lead you to the next spot. I won’t give any of the clues away by going into details but some of them took a few minutes to solve. It was challenging but so much fun!

We didn’t make it through the entire scavenger hunt. We had our daughters (toddler & school age) with us and they just couldn’t keep up the walking/patience for the hunt. However, I would recommend that families who have active children that can keep up/walk for 2-2.5 hours participate in it. Children who may live a more sedentary lifestyle may have a harder time keeping up. I wouldn’t recommend that toddlers participate in this game unless they are patient to be in one spot while figuring out a clue to get to the next location. If you would like your little one to participate then I suggest overloading them with snacks, drinks, and activities to do in their stroller. We failed to bring any activities for our toddler.

My husband and I can’t wait to take our next scavenger hunt with Urban Adventure Quest and we are looking forward to taking our girls again once they can keep up.

So how does it work?

The game is planned on your smart phone. One person is the “master” who can answer the questions but everyone in your party can have the app in a read-only mode on their phone. It gives you your starting position and from there you just answer each clue and basically use whatever means necessary to get the answer. It has hint buttons that can be used if you get suck on where to go or how to answer the question. The game works for points. The goal is to accurately answer all the questions and complete the course as fast as possible. There is a leader board on the Urban Adventure Quest website that says who is in the lead.

It’s a lot of fun and you will get to learn things that you probably wouldn’t find out unless you were playing this scavenger hunt. I say that because we asked someone that worked in one casino and he had no idea about the information we needed about the casino he worked in even though he had worked there for several years.

Las Vegas isn’t the only location available to play this game. Urban Adventure Quest offers several locations, nationwide. Check out their website (here) to see if there is one near you.

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Urban Adventure Quest

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