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My family and I went on our annual family camping trip at Lake Lopez. For those that may not be familiar with Lake Lopez it’s located in Arroyo Grande, California. It’s a great place to camp with the family and it’s close to the beaches.


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We usually stay for just under a week and one of the days that we are there we go to the beach. In our planning stage of the trip we thought it would be fun to take a scenic tour of Pismo Beach on a Surrey. What’s a Surrey? A Surrey is a 4-wheel bikes for families and friends to ride together on. A single Surrey will seat 3 adults and 2 little kids (2 pedal). A double Surrey can seat 6 adults, 2 small kids (4 pedals).

I did a bit of searching and I came across Wheel Fun Rentals. To my surprise, they have locations all over the United States. We found a location at Pismo Beach, where we were planning to soak up some rays and play in the sand. Our friends at Wheel Fun Rentals hooked us up with a few tickets in exchange to share about our experience to our readers.

Please note: Despite receiving free tickets, my review is 100% my own. I am not influenced to give a positive review in exchange for receiving free or discounted products. When I research for things for my family I depend on reviews to help me make decisions, which is why I love to share the good, the bad, and the ugly to my readers.

We arrived at Wheel Fun Rentals at about 10AM on a midweek morning. Since we are a small family of four, we chose the single surrey. My bonus daughter couldn’t quite reach the pedals yet so she sat in the middle between my husband and I and then our youngest sat up front in the child seat. We brought helmets for the girls but we did take note that Wheel Fun Rentals can also provide them. Since we arrived before noon we got an extra hour on our rental. What a deal!

Image Credit: Wheel Fun Rentals

After a brief safety instruction, we were off like a herd of turtles!  There was a map on the dash of the bike that showed roads and off limit areas. We decided to head to the Monarch Butterfly Cove. Our girls took turns ringing the bike bell, which that gave us the drive to get up that small incline to the butterfly park. We made it all the way up. You would have thought that we just biked cross-country as we proceeded to get off the bikes with our shaky legs and gasping for air (if you are even the tiniest bit in shape then you will have no problem at all with these bikes).

We took some pictures and then headed back towards the beach. Woohoo! It was downhill this time, baby! We got a few honks and a few waves. The girls kept ringing the bell and waving as if we were a float going by in a parade. We came to a monstrous incline, and I almost questioned whether we would start rolling backwards for how slow we were going. But, we made it.

We took a few pics on the bike with the beach in the background. We were only 45 minutes in our 2-hour rental but the toddler was not happy in her seat anymore. She saw the ocean and attempted to make a great escape from the bike. Luckily, small children are strapped in the front child seat so that couldn’t happen but that didn’t stop her from trying. We returned the bike with smiles on our faces, a bell ringing sound stuck in our ears, tight legs, and a serious appetite. We had a great time!

Image Credit: Wheel Fun Rentals

WHEEL FUN RENTALS  was voted #1 in recreation rentals in the United States!

The surrey bikes are so much fun! Even as out of shape as my husband and I are, we had no real problem getting the bike around. I would recommend the surrey bikes for families and even families with small children.  Our toddler loved sitting in front and ringing the bell. My bonus daughter wanted to pedal but with her short legs it wasn’t going to happen this year. She still had a lot of fun cracking the whip on her dad and I. We can’t wait to rent one next year!

Interested in a surrey? Check out Wheel Fun Rentals (here).  The whole process from checking in to returning the bike was super easy! You will need to have an adult with a driver’s license upon renting. If a surrey doesn’t fit your fancy then check out the many other products that they offer like beach cruisers, surfboards, boogie boards, wet suits, and more!

One thing that really attracted me to this company besides the awesome products and great reviews is their support to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. I absolutely love and support companies that give back to the community, especially to kid organizations.

Be sure to check out their website to learn more about Wheel Fun Rentals for your next family adventure!

Has your family ever taken a ride on a Surrey?



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