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Mickey’s Halloween Party!

We found out about Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland three years ago. We couldn’t believe what we had been missing out on before then.  Mickey’s Halloween Party is by far our favorite Disneyland event.

There is a limited amount of tickets on select nights between late September and through Halloween. It’s a time where adults and kids may dress up and everyone trick-or-treats!!! That’s right. Adults can join in on the fun and be like kids again. There are so many picture opportunities with some rarely seen Disney Villains and some of your other favorite characters dressed in Halloween costumes. There are special shows and entertainment just for the party like seeing the headless horseman ride down Mainstreet, the Frightfully Fun Parade, and Halloween Screams Fireworks! Not to mention select rides are open for less wait time.

Want to know more about Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland and the best tips for first-timers?

First Time Visitor Tips For Mickey's Halloween Party At Disneyland. Our Little Blended Family. #Disneyland #Mickeyshalloweenparty #Disneyhalloween #Halloween

What’s new for the 2017 Mickey’s Halloween Party:

  • Souvenir Disney PhotoPass (PhotoPass photos taken during the event with unlimited PhotoPass downloads.
  • Visit Both Parks! You can now visit Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park with your Mickey’s Halloween Party special event ticket. Entry is good for either park beginning 3 hours before the party start time.

Go to for more details about what’s new for the 2017 Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland!

How it works:

Mickey’s Halloween Party is from 7pm to Midnight. However, your special event ticket allows you to get in the park 3 hours early! That’s right. You can go to either Disneyland or California Adventure before the party starts! Disneyland released that for the first time California Adventure will be all festive for Halloween and Mickey’s Halloween Party ticket holders will be allowed in the park at 4PM. Awesome, right?

My family and I can’t wait to see how California Adventure is decked out for Halloween! Our girls love Cars Land and they can’t wait to see how it’s decorated.

Mickey’s Halloween Party Tips:

1. Get your tickets early. 

There is a limited amount of tickets to this popular event that is held on select nights. It sells out fast so don’t miss out by waiting too late to buy your tickets.

2. Pick out your group costumes.

To get ready for the 2017 Mickey’s Halloween Party we had to pick out our group costume theme in July. My family loves to dress up in group costumes for Halloween. Our first year we dressed up as pirates and Ariel (bonus daughter) complete with a fully decorated pirate-themed stroller. The second-year we dressed up as our favorite Frozen characters. My bonus daughter dressed up as Elsa, our youngest debuted her first Halloween dressed up as Anna, the hubby was Olaf, and I dressed up as Sven. Last year we went as cute and cuddly Monster INC inspired monsters. This year, we are going to be animals inspired by Disney’s The Lion King. We can’t wait!

There are costumes guidelines that must be followed by. Go to to learn about the costume restrictions for the event. If a costume does not comply with the rules then it must be modified or taken off before entering the event. The costume guidelines are to ensure the safety of all guests.

3. Choose what will hold your candy loot. 

First Time Visitor Tips For Mickey's Halloween Party At Disneyland. Our Little Blended Family. #Disneyland #Mickeyshalloweenparty #Disneyhalloween #Halloween

When you arrive at Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland you are given a small bag for the candy trails. It’s a cute little plastic bag but please note, that Disney does not disappoint on giving out candy. Those little bags fill up fast! We bring our own 12X12 canvas bags that we decorate for the occasion. They get filled fast too. Last year, the girls wanted to go to all the candy trails so we ended up dumping our bags of candy into a giant IKEA reusable bag that we had brought as we continued going on the trails. It’s that much goodies.

We buy canvas bags because they are sturdy and cheap. Last year, we used iron-on Disney graphics that represented our favorite rides on one side of the bag and the other side had “2016 Mickey’s Halloween Party”.  They turned out super cute.

No matter what you choose to carry your loot, make sure it is sturdy and big enough for all the goodies.

4. Don’t like candy? No problem!

Each candy station has the choice of candy or a healthy option. The past few years the healthy options that we received were pretzels, apples, popcorn, carrots, goldfish crackers, cinnamon graham crackers, and a few other options.

While my hubby and bonus daughter took advantage of the candy, our youngest and I picked the healthy options to balance it all out. It worked out great!

5. Decide ahead of time.

It’s impossible to do EVERYTHING at the party. There are rides open, special photo ops with characters, a special parade, special fireworks, candy trails, and so much. The party is five hours long.  Choose what you want to do the most before you go. Personally, my family makes it a priority to see the parade, special fireworks show, photo ops with characters, all candy trails, and the other entertainment happenings around the park. Since our youngest is so little we haven’t tried to go on rides in the past. I would say that you should plan around what your family will want to do the most.

Tip: The candy trails are busiest at the beginning of the party. In the past, the candy trails have almost seemed deserted towards the end of the night. It might be better planned to hit up the candy trails towards the end of the night. 

Don’t run! There is plenty of candy for everyone and the candy carts on the trails are continuously being filled.

6.  Love Disney Villains?

Towards the front of the park have been the Disney Villains photo ops in past years. It usually ends up with a really long line so get there early to take pics with some rarely seen villains and some classics. If characters aren’t your thing (what?!) then you may want to skip it.

7. Extra Clothes

Bring extra clothes, jackets, and tennis shoes for the whole family.

We bring a change of clothes, tennis shoes, jacket, and beanie for each person along with two blankets. The weather is usually fine but it does begin to cool off in October so it’s better to be over prepared than not at all. Don’t forget to bring an extra bag to put any extra candy, souvenirs, or costumes into. We usually take our double stroller and pack it down so we don’t have to rent a locker. Lockers are available inside and outside the park if that works out better for your family.

8. Eat dinner before the party!

Eat an early dinner before the event so that you and your family don’t miss out on the party. You could always grab a quick snack if you get hungry.

9.  Have Fun!

First Time Visitor Tips For Mickey's Halloween Party At Disneyland. Our Little Blended Family. #Disneyland #Mickeyshalloweenparty #Disneyhalloween #Halloween

Arrive at least 30 minutes before your desired time to allow for security check-in and to get through the ticket line. Be sure to take a lot of pictures, snag some candy, enjoy the entertainment, and don’t forget to grab a tasty treat from the bakery or from one of the cart kiosks. You can’t go wrong with any of them but our personal favorites are the churros, Dole whips, popcorn, and candy apples). Don’t forget the stroller for the little ones!

Don’t forget to download the Disney App for the latest information! Check for more details!

Does your family dress up in costumes? What was your favorite theme?


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