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A new school year is about to begin. A new school year typically means hectic mornings, racing kids to get ready, and scrambling to get lunches made. Before running out the door there are hunts for missing shoes, homework folders, and scrounging through the trash for lost permission slips.

Here are the best back to school organization ideas that will help make for a more successful school year this year.

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How To Teach Your Kids The Power Of Giving

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Most children know that they will be receiving gifts as birthdays and holidays come around. They are quick to build their wish lists in hopes of getting the latest and greatest toy on the market. Parents tend to not disappoint their children. Why? Because they do not want their child to be the only one to not to have the toy that all the other kids have.

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Oh, the challenge of brushing the teeth of a toddler. Dental hygiene is so important even before the first tooth emerges. Regular brushing is crucial to get out food that is stuck between their teeth and to massage the gums.

There is a common misconception that baby teeth do not need to be regularly brushed because they will just fall out anyway. Those baby teeth do matter. The gums surrounding those baby teeth can easily become infected without proper dental care.

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