Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale

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Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale

Check out the Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs. Digital Kitchen Scale! I have been telling my hubby for months that we need a kitchen scale. Why? Portion control. My family needs portion control, and a digital kitchen scale will hopefully make it so much easier to determine the right amount food for us.

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Our Thoughts on Zoobooks, Zoobies, Zootles & Zoodinos!

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Do you remember Zoobooks as a kid? I do.

I came across Zoobooks about a month ago and couldn’t believe what my family had been missing. Zoobooks expanded their titles. There are Zoobooks, Zoobies, and Zootles  for ages 0-3, ages 3-6, and ages 6-12. There is also a brand new fourth title that the publishers of Zoobooks recently released called, Zoodinos for ages 5 and up. What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs?

I thought I would give a little review of each title so you can see what all the excitement is about. My review will be completely honest and as a mother of two girls. I am also going to let my daughters (toddler/school age) let you know what they thought of each of the four titles as well.

As parents, we try to make sure that our children have enough educational materials to help make them successful. I think the hardest part in doing that is trying to find materials that are both educational and fun. Let’s face it. If it’s not fun then your child is not going to want anything to do with it. Am I right?

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